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Our know-how

The choice of materials and fabrics

Silk, cotton, wool, cashmere: these are the favorite materials of Koshka Paris.

For their softness and natural elements, Maison Koshka Paris selects the most beautiful, top-quality fabrics, each one meticulously chosen, leading to the refinement of each garment.

From the idea to the product

Koshka Paris manufactures within its own workshops.

This allows the brand to offer pieces that are perfectly cut. Each garment is meticulously checked before being delivered to the customer or to the boutique.

Our Parisian workshops

The workshops of Maison Koshka Paris have remained the same since its creation. This relationship of lasting confidence has been developed throughout the years and it clearly appears in our pieces: produced with care and great know-how. Leather goods are made by a specialized Parisian workshop, which is also a long-standing partner of Koshka Paris.

Une belle histoire parisienne

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