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Our commitments

A responsible approach

Since its creation in 2007, Koshka Paris adopts a model that differs from the economic model of fast fashion.

Far away from fast fashion and what defines a trend, we offer collections in limited editions. Collections created through the designer’s inspirations, not dictated by a specific timeframe.

We believe and are convinced that fashion can exist without damaging the environment.

Thus, in order to limit the environmental footprint of our collections, materials and fabrics are meticulously chosen and short supply chains are favored.

Sustainable fashion

Koshka Paris is, above all, a creative and committed fashion laboratory.

Our desire is to offer pieces that are timeless, modern, and full of freshness in order to appeal to you for years. In this way, you will desire to wear them for several seasons, with pride, without getting bored, and without further damage to the environment.

Reasonable and responsible consumption strongly influences Koshka’s design ethics.

Offering the fairest price

« MADE IN FRANCE » is highly important for Koshka Paris.

We aim for our collections to be produced with great attention to detail and good working conditions.

Thus, we work for more than 10 years with Parisian workshops, with whom we have created a strong relationship of trust. Together, we are committed to a common work ethic.

Our credo is to produce less but better. We do not want overstock, we are against overproduction.

Solidarity projects

Encouraging feminine entrepreneurship and favoring the economic empowerment of women represent subjects that are particularly significant to us.

Willing to contribute to the socio-economic development of Armenia, her native country, our designer created a cooperative which gathers a dozen women who bring their know-how to hand-knit sweaters.

Our sweaters made of alpaca wool are thus hand-knit by members of the cooperative to which Koshka Paris offers moral and technical support.